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The Big Mac™ Index


No matter how rough you do it, you've just got to eat when your travelling.  The Big Mac™ index is as good a way as any to find out what it costs to eat in different countries, by comparing the cost of a McDonalds Big Mac™ and converting it into a common currency. Happy eating!

Can you help?  If you're sure of the cost of a McDonalds Big Mac™ in a certain country, or think we've got a price wrong, let us know at the bottom of the page.

Country Price of Big Mac™ Cost in UK pounds
Australia $ 2.65 0.87
South Africa R7.80 0.92
America $ 1.89 1.13
Korea 2600 won 1.13
India Rs80 1.19
New Zealand 3.65 1.20
Turkey 500.000 TL 1.25
Japan 280 yen 1.27
Spain 375psts 1.44
Brazil 2.95 reais 1.52
Ireland IEP1.85 1.52
Switzerland 4.02 Francs 1.58
Germany DM4.90 1.58
Italy L4800 1.59
Austria ATS 34 1.61
Belgium 105 Francs 1.66
Denmark DKK19.95 1.80
England 1.81 1.81


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Disclaimer:    Please note that this site is in no way associated with McDonalds.  This site is not intended as an endorsement or otherwise of the company in any way.