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It cost's nothing for a standard listing in TravellersGuide.  Simply fill out the details below and submit. Your information is then checked and verified to be correct, and as long as you are providing a bonafide product or service for the backpacking market, you get a listing!

Please Note: 
In return for a listing in TravellersGuide, we ask that you provide a link on your site back to ours.  The relevant codes are at the bottom of the page.

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How to provide a link to TravellersGuide

There are two ways to link to TravellersGuide, with our logo and with text. Decide which one you want, copy the code, and drop it into your HTML whereever you want the link to appear.  There, you've done it!
Cut and paste this code To get this on your page
<a href=""><img src="" width="93" height="34" alt="Visit TravellersGuide"></a> Visit TravellersGuide
Or cut and paste this code

To get this on your page

<FONT FACE="Tahoma"><A HREF="">TravellersGuide-A directory for independent travellers</A></FONT> TravellersGuide-A directory for independent travellers

Tip: When you link to TravellersGuide, send us an email with the word "link".  As a thank you, we'll also add your site to our "Cool Links" page.